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Deno Third Party Modules is a hosting service for Deno scripts. It caches releases of open-source modules stored on GitHub and serves them at an easy-to-remember domain.

Deno can import modules from any location on the web, like GitHub, a personal webserver, or a CDN like, Skypack, or jsDelivr.

To make it easier to consume third party modules Deno provides some built in tooling like deno info and deno doc.

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How do I use modules on

The basic format of code URLs is If you leave out the version it will be defaulted to the most recent version released for the module.

Can I find functionality built-in to Deno here?

No, the built-in runtime is documented on deno doc and in the manual. See /std for the standard modules.

I am getting a warning when importing from! warns you when you are implicitly importing the latest version of a module (when you do not explicitly specify a version). This is because it can be unsafe to not tag dependencies. To get rid of the warning, explicitly specify a version.

Can I edit or remove a module on

Module versions are persistent and immutable. It is thus not possible to edit or delete a module (or version), to prevent breaking programs that rely on this module. Modules may be removed if there is a legal reason to do (for example copyright infringement).

A module is name-squatting or its just made as a joke, can I have it?

Name squatting is not allowed on the If you feel that a module is not currently usable, has not been legitimately under development for more than 90 days, and you have a concrete proposal to publish a well-maintained module in its place, please contact support.

I can't find a specific module. Help!

Open an issue here