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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
// deno-lint-ignore-file no-explicit-any
import { notImplemented } from "./_utils.ts";
export class Script { code: string; constructor(code: string, _options = {}) { this.code = `${code}`; }
runInThisContext(_options: any) { return, this.code); }
runInContext(_contextifiedObject: any, _options: any) { notImplemented("Script.prototype.runInContext"); }
runInNewContext(_contextObject: any, _options: any) { notImplemented("Script.prototype.runInNewContext"); }
createCachedData() { notImplemented("Script.prototyp.createCachedData"); }}
export function createContext(_contextObject: any, _options: any) { notImplemented("createContext");}
export function createScript(code: string, options: any) { return new Script(code, options);}
export function runInContext( _code: string, _contextifiedObject: any, _options: any,) { notImplemented("runInContext");}
export function runInNewContext( _code: string, _contextObject: any, _options: any,) { notImplemented("runInNewContext");}
export function runInThisContext( code: string, options: any,) { return createScript(code, options).runInThisContext(options);}
export function isContext(_maybeContext: any) { notImplemented("isContext");}
export function compileFunction(_code: string, _params: any, _options: any) { notImplemented("compileFunction");}
export function measureMemory(_options: any) { notImplemented("measureMemory");}
export default { Script, createContext, createScript, runInContext, runInNewContext, runInThisContext, isContext, compileFunction, measureMemory,};