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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// This module is browser compatible.
/** * @deprecated (will be removed in 0.210.0) * * Contains the constant {@linkcode HTTP_METHODS} and the type * {@linkcode HttpMethod} and the type guard {@linkcode isHttpMethod} for * working with HTTP methods with type safety. * * @module */
/** * @deprecated (will be removed in 0.210.0) * * A constant array of common HTTP methods. * * This list is compatible with Node.js `http` module. */export const HTTP_METHODS = [ "ACL", "BIND", "CHECKOUT", "CONNECT", "COPY", "DELETE", "GET", "HEAD", "LINK", "LOCK", "M-SEARCH", "MERGE", "MKACTIVITY", "MKCALENDAR", "MKCOL", "MOVE", "NOTIFY", "OPTIONS", "PATCH", "POST", "PROPFIND", "PROPPATCH", "PURGE", "PUT", "REBIND", "REPORT", "SEARCH", "SOURCE", "SUBSCRIBE", "TRACE", "UNBIND", "UNLINK", "UNLOCK", "UNSUBSCRIBE",] as const;
/** * @deprecated (will be removed in 0.210.0) * * A type representing string literals of each of the common HTTP method. */export type HttpMethod = typeof HTTP_METHODS[number];
/** * @deprecated (will be removed in 0.210.0) * * A type guard that determines if a value is a valid HTTP method. */export function isHttpMethod(value: unknown): value is HttpMethod { return HTTP_METHODS.includes(value as HttpMethod);}