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The Deno Standard Library
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// Copyright 2018-2024 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// This module is browser compatible.
import type { OPERATORS } from "./_constants.ts";
/** * The possible release types are used as an operator for the * increment function and as a result of the difference function. */export type ReleaseType = | "pre" | "major" | "premajor" | "minor" | "preminor" | "patch" | "prepatch" | "prerelease";
/** * SemVer comparison operators. */export type Operator = typeof OPERATORS[number];
/** * The shape of a valid semantic version comparator * @example >=0.0.0 */export interface Comparator extends SemVer { operator?: Operator;}
/** * A SemVer object parsed into its constituent parts. */export interface SemVer { major: number; minor: number; patch: number; prerelease?: (string | number)[]; build?: string[];}
/** * A type representing a semantic version range. The ranges consist of * a nested array, which represents a set of OR comparisons while the * inner array represents AND comparisons. */export type Range = Comparator[][];