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The Deno Standard Library
// Copyright 2018-2024 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.import { assertEquals } from "../assert/mod.ts";import { CRLF, detect, format, LF } from "./eol.ts";
const CRLFinput = "deno\r\nis not\r\nnode";const Mixedinput = "deno\nis not\r\nnode";const Mixedinput2 = "deno\r\nis not\nnode";const LFinput = "deno\nis not\nnode";const NoNLinput = "deno is not node";
Deno.test({ name: "detect() detects CRLF as the end-of-line character", fn() { assertEquals(detect(CRLFinput), CRLF); },});
Deno.test({ name: "detect() detects LF as the end-of-line character", fn() { assertEquals(detect(LFinput), LF); },});
Deno.test({ name: "detect() returns null for a string with no end-of-line character", fn() { assertEquals(detect(NoNLinput), null); },});
Deno.test({ name: "detect() detects the most common end-of-line character in a mixed string", fn() { assertEquals(detect(Mixedinput), CRLF); assertEquals(detect(Mixedinput2), CRLF); },});
Deno.test({ name: "format() converts the end-of-line character to the specified one", fn() { assertEquals(format(CRLFinput, LF), LFinput); assertEquals(format(LFinput, LF), LFinput); assertEquals(format(LFinput, CRLF), CRLFinput); assertEquals(format(CRLFinput, CRLF), CRLFinput); assertEquals(format(CRLFinput, CRLF), CRLFinput); assertEquals(format(NoNLinput, CRLF), NoNLinput); assertEquals(format(Mixedinput, CRLF), CRLFinput); assertEquals(format(Mixedinput, LF), LFinput); assertEquals(format(Mixedinput2, CRLF), CRLFinput); assertEquals(format(Mixedinput2, LF), LFinput); },});