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Deno standard library
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// Copyright the Browserify authors. MIT License.// Ported from
import * as _win32 from "./win32.ts";import * as _posix from "./posix.ts";
import { isWindows } from "./constants.ts";
const path = isWindows ? _win32 : _posix;
export const win32 = _win32;export const posix = _posix;export const resolve = path.resolve;export const normalize = path.normalize;export const isAbsolute = path.isAbsolute;export const join = path.join;export const relative = path.relative;export const toNamespacedPath = path.toNamespacedPath;export const dirname = path.dirname;export const basename = path.basename;export const extname = path.extname;export const format = path.format;export const parse = path.parse;export const sep = path.sep;export const delimiter = path.delimiter;
export { EOL, SEP, SEP_PATTERN, isWindows } from "./constants.ts";export * from "./interface.ts";export * from "./glob.ts";export * from "./globrex.ts";