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export type EsmaVersion = | "es2015" | "es2016" | "es2017" | "es2018" | "es2019" | "es2020" | "es2021" | "es2022";
export type TransformOptions = { alephPkgUri?: string; lang?: "ts" | "tsx" | "js" | "jsx"; target?: EsmaVersion; importMap?: string; globalVersion?: string; graphVersions?: Record<string, string>; resolveRemoteModule?: boolean; stripDataExport?: boolean; isDev?: boolean; reactRefresh?: boolean; sourceMap?: boolean; jsx?: "automatic" | "classic" | "preserve"; jsxPragma?: string; jsxPragmaFrag?: string; jsxImportSource?: string; minify?: { compress: boolean };};
export type TransformResult = { readonly code: string; readonly map?: string; readonly deps?: DependencyDescriptor[];};
export type DependencyDescriptor = { readonly specifier: string; readonly importUrl: string; readonly loc?: { start: number; end: number; ctxt: number }; readonly dynamic?: boolean;};
export interface Targets { android?: number; chrome?: number; edge?: number; firefox?: number; ie?: number; ios_saf?: number; opera?: number; safari?: number; samsung?: number;}
export interface DependencyOptions { removeImports: boolean;}
export interface TransformCSSOptions { /** Whether to enable minification. */ minify?: boolean; /** Whether to output a source map. */ sourceMap?: boolean; /** The browser targets for the generated code. */ targets?: Targets; /** Whether to enable various draft syntax. */ drafts?: Drafts; /** Whether to compile this file as a CSS module. */ cssModules?: boolean | CSSModulesConfig; /** * Whether to analyze dependencies (e.g. `@import` and `url()`). * When enabled, `@import` rules are removed, and `url()` dependencies * are replaced with hashed placeholders that can be replaced with the final * urls later (after bundling). Dependencies are returned as part of the result. */ analyzeDependencies?: DependencyOptions; /** * Replaces user action pseudo classes with class names that can be applied from JavaScript. * This is useful for polyfills, for example. */ pseudoClasses?: PseudoClasses; /** * A list of class names, ids, and custom identifiers (e.g. @keyframes) that are known * to be unused. These will be removed during minification. Note that these are not * selectors but individual names (without any . or # prefixes). */ unusedSymbols?: string[];}
export interface Drafts { /** Whether to enable CSS nesting. */ nesting?: boolean; /** Whether to enable @custom-media rules. */ customMedia?: boolean;}
export interface PseudoClasses { hover?: string; active?: string; focus?: string; focusVisible?: string; focusWithin?: string;}
export interface TransformCSSResult { /** The transformed code. */ readonly code: string; /** The generated source map, if enabled. */ readonly map?: string; /** CSS module exports, if enabled. */ readonly exports?: CSSModuleExports; /** `@import` and `url()` dependencies, if enabled. */ readonly dependencies?: Dependency[];}
export interface CSSModulesConfig { /** The pattern to use when renaming class names and other identifiers. Default is `[hash]_[local]`. */ pattern?: string; /** Whether to rename dashed identifiers, e.g. custom properties. */ dashedIdents?: boolean;}
export type CSSModuleExports = { /** Maps exported (i.e. original) names to local names. */ readonly [name: string]: CSSModuleExport;};
export interface CSSModuleExport { /** The local (compiled) name for this export. */ readonly name: string; /** Whether the export is referenced in this file. */ readonly isReferenced: boolean; /** Other names that are composed by this export. */ readonly composes: CSSModuleReference[];}
export type CSSModuleReference = | LocalCSSModuleReference | GlobalCSSModuleReference | DependencyCSSModuleReference;
export interface LocalCSSModuleReference { readonly type: "local"; /** The local (compiled) name for the reference. */ readonly name: string;}
export interface GlobalCSSModuleReference { readonly type: "global"; /** The referenced global name. */ readonly name: string;}
export interface DependencyCSSModuleReference { readonly type: "dependency"; /** The name to reference within the dependency. */ readonly name: string; /** The dependency specifier for the referenced file. */ readonly specifier: string;}
export type Dependency = ImportDependency | UrlDependency;
export interface ImportDependency { readonly type: "import"; /** The url of the `@import` dependency. */ readonly url: string; /** The media query for the `@import` rule. */ readonly media: string | null; /** The `supports()` query for the `@import` rule. */ readonly supports: string | null; /** The source location where the `@import` rule was found. */ readonly loc: SourceLocation;}
export interface UrlDependency { readonly type: "url"; /** The url of the dependency. */ readonly url: string; /** The source location where the `url()` was found. */ readonly loc: SourceLocation; /** The placeholder that the url was replaced with. */ readonly placeholder: string;}
export interface SourceLocation { /** The file path in which the dependency exists. */ readonly filePath: string; /** The start location of the dependency. */ readonly start: Location; /** The end location (inclusive) of the dependency. */ readonly end: Location;}
export interface Location { /** The line number (1-based). */ readonly line: number; /** The column number (0-based). */ readonly column: number;}