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Alosaur - Deno web framework with many decorators
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import { SecurityContext } from "../../context/security-context.ts";
export interface AuthClaims { roles?: string[];}
export interface AuthenticationScheme { /** * This function assign to context identity info, uses in Authorization middleware */ authenticate(context: SecurityContext): Promise<void>;
/** * Create sign identity and assign to context identity info */ signInAsync<I, R = any>( context: SecurityContext, identity: Identity<I>, ): Promise<R>;
/** * Clear sign in info and destroy identity context */ signOutAsync<T, R>(context: SecurityContext): Promise<R>;
/** * Uses in Authorize decorators for handle if AuthPayload result failure */ onFailureResult(context: SecurityContext): void;
/** * Uses in Authorize decorators for handle if AuthPayload result success */ onSuccessResult(context: SecurityContext): void;}
export interface Identity<T> { id: string | number; data?: T; readonly roles?: string[];}
export interface AuthInterface { identity<T>(): Identity<T> | undefined; signInAsync<T, R>( scheme: AuthenticationScheme, identity: Identity<T>, ): Promise<R>; signOutAsync<T, R>(scheme: AuthenticationScheme): Promise<R>;}