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Very compact Argon2 in WASM - mirror of
#!/usr/bin/env -S just --justfile
LLVM := "/usr/local/llvm16/bin"OPT := "wasm-opt"ZOPFLI := "zopfli"OPENSSL := "openssl"SYSROOT := "/usr/local/share/wasi-sysroot"
# NOTE: literally removing wasm-opt from clang's PATH because ughwtf
# NOTE: there is comically little perf to be gained by unrolling and -O3, like about 10ms/iter# and -msimd128 autovectorization makes it a little bit worse even (or a lot worse without -O3)# so what I thought would be "the code golf edition" is actually the one and only edition :D
# NOTE: crypto_blake2b_keyed adds 288 extra bytes (in argon2.blob.js) while crypto_blake2b only 20 (!)
mkwasm: PATH="{{LLVM}}" clang -Oz -flto=full -std=c11 --target=wasm32-wasi "--sysroot={{SYSROOT}}" -nostartfiles \ -Wl,--no-entry \ -Wl,--export=a -Wl,--export=b -Wl,--export=t -Wl,--export=s -Wl,--export=w -Wl,--export=m \ -Dcrypto_blake2b=b -Dcrypto_verify32=t -Dcrypto_verify64=s -Dcrypto_wipe=w \ -DBLAKE2_NO_UNROLLING \ -Imonocypher/src monocypher/src/monocypher.c arena.c args.c \ -o argon2.unopt.wasm "{{OPT}}" -Oz -cw -lmu -tnh -uim -ifwl --enable-simd -o dist/argon2.wasm argon2.unopt.wasm echo -n 'export default "' > src/gen/argon2.blob.js "{{ZOPFLI}}" -i69 -c dist/argon2.wasm | "{{OPENSSL}}" enc -base64 -A >> src/gen/argon2.blob.js echo -n '"' >> src/gen/argon2.blob.js "{{ZOPFLI}}" -i69 -c dist/argon2.wasm | "{{OPENSSL}}" enc -base64 -A > test.opt.wasm.gz.b64 "{{ZOPFLI}}" -i69 -c dist/argon2.wasm > test.opt.wasm.gz rm argon2.unopt.wasm
mkjs: #!/usr/bin/env -S deno run --allow-env --allow-read --allow-write=dist,src/gen import { bundle } from ''; import { minify } from 'npm:terser'; async function pack(path) { const bundled = await bundle(new URL(path, 'file://{{justfile_directory()}}/')); const minified = await minify(bundled.code, { ecma: 2020, module: true, toplevel: true }); return minified.code; } await Deno.writeTextFile('src/gen/worker.blob.js', "export default '" + await pack('src/worker.src.js') + "'"); await Deno.writeTextFile('dist/argon2ian.async.min.js', await pack('src/async.ts')); await Deno.writeTextFile('dist/argon2ian.sync.min.js', await pack('src/argon2.ts'));