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Browser DOM & HTML parser in Deno
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import type { Element } from "./element.ts";
const HTMLCollectionFakeClass: any = (() => { return class HTMLCollection { constructor() { throw new TypeError("Illegal constructor"); }
static [Symbol.hasInstance](value: any) { return value.constructor === HTMLCollectionClass; } };})();
export const HTMLCollectionMutatorSym = Symbol();
// We define the `HTMLCollection` inside a closure to ensure that its// `.name === "HTMLCollection"` property stays intact, as we need to manipulate// its prototype and completely change its TypeScript-recognized type.const HTMLCollectionClass: any = (() => { // @ts-ignore class HTMLCollection extends Array<Element> { // @ts-ignore forEach( cb: (node: Element, index: number, nodeList: Element[]) => void, thisArg: HTMLCollection | undefined = undefined, ) { super.forEach(cb, thisArg); }
item(index: number): Element | null { return this[index] ?? null; }
[HTMLCollectionMutatorSym]() { return { push: Array.prototype.push.bind(this),
splice: Array.prototype.splice.bind(this),
indexOf: Array.prototype.indexOf.bind(this), }; }
toString() { return "[object HTMLCollection]"; } }
return HTMLCollection;})();
for ( const staticMethod of [ "from", "isArray", "of", ]) { HTMLCollectionClass[staticMethod] = undefined;}
for ( const instanceMethod of [ "concat", "copyWithin", "every", "fill", "filter", "find", "findIndex", "flat", "flatMap", "includes", "indexOf", "join", "lastIndexOf", "map", "pop", "push", "reduce", "reduceRight", "reverse", "shift", "slice", "some", "sort", "splice", "toLocaleString", "unshift",
// Unlike NodeList, HTMLCollection also doesn't implement these "entries", "forEach", "keys", "values", ]) { HTMLCollectionClass.prototype[instanceMethod] = undefined;}
export interface HTMLCollection { new (): HTMLCollection; readonly [index: number]: Element; readonly length: number; [Symbol.iterator](): Generator<Element>;
item(index: number): Element; [HTMLCollectionMutatorSym](): HTMLCollectionMutator;}
export interface HTMLCollectionPublic extends HTMLCollection { [HTMLCollectionMutatorSym]: never;}
export interface HTMLCollectionMutator { push(...elements: Element[]): number; splice(start: number, deleteCount?: number, ...items: Element[]): Element[]; indexOf(element: Element, fromIndex?: number | undefined): number;}
export const HTMLCollection = <HTMLCollection> HTMLCollectionClass;export const HTMLCollectionPublic = <HTMLCollectionPublic> HTMLCollectionFakeClass;