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A microframework for Deno's HTTP server with zero third-party dependencies
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interface Interfaces.IMime
import { type Interfaces } from "";
const { IMime } = Interfaces;

This is used to type a MIME type object. Below are more details on the members in this interface.

[key: string] The MIME type (e.g., application/json).

[key: string].charset?: string; The character encoding of the MIME type.

[key: string].compressible?: boolean; Is this MIME type compressible?

[key: string].extensions?: string[] An array of extensions that match this MIME type.

[key: string].source?: string; where the mime type is defined. If not set, it's probably a custom media type. - apache - Apache common media types - iana - IANA-defined media types - nginx - nginx media types

Index Signatures

[key: string]: { charset?: string; compressible?: boolean; extensions?: string[]; source?: string; }