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interface dom.CSSStyleDeclaration
import { type dom } from "";
const { CSSStyleDeclaration } = dom;

An object that is a CSS declaration block, and exposes style information and various style-related methods and properties.

Index Signatures

[index: number]: string


alignContent: string
alignItems: string
alignSelf: string
alignmentBaseline: string
animation: string
animationDelay: string
animationDirection: string
animationDuration: string
animationFillMode: string
animationIterationCount: string
animationName: string
animationPlayState: string
animationTimingFunction: string
backfaceVisibility: string
background: string
backgroundAttachment: string
backgroundClip: string
backgroundColor: string
backgroundImage: string
backgroundOrigin: string
backgroundPosition: string
backgroundPositionX: string
backgroundPositionY: string
backgroundRepeat: string
backgroundSize: string
baselineShift: string
blockSize: string
border: string
borderBlockEnd: string
borderBlockEndColor: string
borderBlockEndStyle: string
borderBlockEndWidth: string
borderBlockStart: string
borderBlockStartColor: string
borderBlockStartStyle: string
borderBlockStartWidth: string
borderBottom: string
borderBottomColor: string
borderBottomLeftRadius: string
borderBottomRightRadius: string
borderBottomStyle: string
borderBottomWidth: string
borderCollapse: string
borderColor: string
borderImage: string
borderImageOutset: string
borderImageRepeat: string
borderImageSlice: string
borderImageSource: string
borderImageWidth: string
borderInlineEnd: string
borderInlineEndColor: string
borderInlineEndStyle: string
borderInlineEndWidth: string
borderInlineStart: string
borderInlineStartColor: string
borderInlineStartStyle: string
borderInlineStartWidth: string
borderLeft: string
borderLeftColor: string
borderLeftStyle: string
borderLeftWidth: string
borderRadius: string
borderRight: string
borderRightColor: string
borderRightStyle: string
borderRightWidth: string
borderSpacing: string
borderStyle: string
borderTop: string
borderTopColor: string
borderTopLeftRadius: string
borderTopRightRadius: string
borderTopStyle: string
borderTopWidth: string
borderWidth: string
bottom: string
boxShadow: string
boxSizing: string
breakAfter: string
breakBefore: string
breakInside: string
captionSide: string
caretColor: string
clear: string
clip: string
clipPath: string
clipRule: string
color: string
colorInterpolation: string
colorInterpolationFilters: string
columnCount: string
columnFill: string
columnGap: string
columnRule: string
columnRuleColor: string
columnRuleStyle: string
columnRuleWidth: string
columnSpan: string
columnWidth: string
columns: string
content: string
counterIncrement: string
counterReset: string
cssFloat: string | null
cssText: string
cursor: string
direction: string
display: string
dominantBaseline: string
emptyCells: string
enableBackground: string | null
fill: string
fillOpacity: string
fillRule: string
filter: string
flex: string
flexBasis: string
flexDirection: string
flexFlow: string
flexGrow: string
flexShrink: string
flexWrap: string
float: string
floodColor: string
floodOpacity: string
font: string
fontFamily: string
fontFeatureSettings: string
fontKerning: string
fontSize: string
fontSizeAdjust: string
fontStretch: string
fontStyle: string
fontSynthesis: string
fontVariant: string
fontVariantCaps: string
fontVariantEastAsian: string
fontVariantLigatures: string
fontVariantNumeric: string
fontVariantPosition: string
fontWeight: string
gap: string
glyphOrientationHorizontal: string | null
glyphOrientationVertical: string
grid: string
gridArea: string
gridAutoColumns: string
gridAutoFlow: string
gridAutoRows: string
gridColumn: string
gridColumnEnd: string
gridColumnGap: string
gridColumnStart: string
gridGap: string
gridRow: string
gridRowEnd: string
gridRowGap: string
gridRowStart: string
gridTemplate: string
gridTemplateAreas: string
gridTemplateColumns: string
gridTemplateRows: string
height: string
hyphens: string
imageOrientation: string
imageRendering: string
imeMode: string | null
inlineSize: string
justifyContent: string
justifyItems: string
justifySelf: string
kerning: string | null
layoutGrid: string | null
layoutGridChar: string | null
layoutGridLine: string | null
layoutGridMode: string | null
layoutGridType: string | null
left: string
length: number
letterSpacing: string
lightingColor: string
lineBreak: string
lineHeight: string
listStyle: string
listStyleImage: string
listStylePosition: string
listStyleType: string
margin: string
marginBlockEnd: string
marginBlockStart: string
marginBottom: string
marginInlineEnd: string
marginInlineStart: string
marginLeft: string
marginRight: string
marginTop: string
marker: string
markerEnd: string
markerMid: string
markerStart: string
mask: string
maskComposite: string
maskImage: string
maskPosition: string
maskRepeat: string
maskSize: string
maskType: string
maxBlockSize: string
maxHeight: string
maxInlineSize: string
maxWidth: string
minBlockSize: string
minHeight: string
minInlineSize: string
minWidth: string
msContentZoomChaining: string | null
msContentZoomLimit: string | null
msContentZoomLimitMax: any
msContentZoomLimitMin: any
msContentZoomSnap: string | null
msContentZoomSnapPoints: string | null
msContentZoomSnapType: string | null
msContentZooming: string | null
msFlowFrom: string | null