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💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
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interface dom.Console
import { type dom } from "";
const { Console } = dom;

Provides access to the browser's debugging console (e.g. the Web Console in Firefox). The specifics of how it works varies from browser to browser, but there is a de facto set of features that are typically provided.


memory: any


condition?: boolean,
message?: string, any[],
): void
clear(): void
count(label?: string): void
debug(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
dir(value?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
dirxml(value: any): void
error(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
exception(message?: string, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
group(groupTitle?: string, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
groupCollapsed(groupTitle?: string, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
groupEnd(): void
info(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
log(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
markTimeline(label?: string): void
profile(reportName?: string): void
profileEnd(reportName?: string): void
table(...tabularData: any[]): void
time(label?: string): void
timeEnd(label?: string): void
timeStamp(label?: string): void
timeline(label?: string): void
timelineEnd(label?: string): void
trace(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void
warn(message?: any, ...optionalParams: any[]): void