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💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
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interface dom.PageTransitionEvent
implements Event
import { type dom } from "";
const { PageTransitionEvent } = dom;

The PageTransitionEvent is fired when a document is being loaded or unloaded.


persisted: boolean

For the pageshow event, returns false if the page is newly being loaded (and the load event will fire). Otherwise, returns true.

For the pagehide event, returns false if the page is going away for the last time. Otherwise, returns true, meaning that (if nothing conspires to make the page unsalvageable) the page might be reused if the user navigates back to this page.

Things that can cause the page to be unsalvageable include:

Listening for beforeunload events Listening for unload events Having iframes that are not salvageable Active WebSocket objects Aborting a Document