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💧EventEmitter's typesafe replacement
interface dom.DataTransfer
import { type dom } from "";
const { DataTransfer } = dom;

Used to hold the data that is being dragged during a drag and drop operation. It may hold one or more data items, each of one or more data types. For more information about drag and drop, see HTML Drag and Drop API.


dropEffect: string

Returns the kind of operation that is currently selected. If the kind of operation isn't one of those that is allowed by the effectAllowed attribute, then the operation will fail.

Can be set, to change the selected operation.

The possible values are "none", "copy", "link", and "move".

effectAllowed: string

Returns the kinds of operations that are to be allowed.

Can be set (during the dragstart event), to change the allowed operations.

The possible values are "none", "copy", "copyLink", "copyMove", "link", "linkMove", "move", "all", and "uninitialized",

files: FileList

Returns a FileList of the files being dragged, if any.

items: DataTransferItemList

Returns a DataTransferItemList object, with the drag data.

types: ReadonlyArray<string>

Returns a frozen array listing the formats that were set in the dragstart event. In addition, if any files are being dragged, then one of the types will be the string "Files".


clearData(format?: string): void

Removes the data of the specified formats. Removes all data if the argument is omitted.

getData(format: string): string

Returns the specified data. If there is no such data, returns the empty string.

setData(format: string, data: string): void

Adds the specified data.

image: Element,
x: number,
y: number,
): void

Uses the given element to update the drag feedback, replacing any previously specified feedback.