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Fast and simple web application framework for deno
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import React from "react";import Footer from "../components/footer.tsx";import Header from "../components/header.tsx";
type Post = { title: string; description: string; date: string; path: string;};
export default function Blog( props: { version: string; path: string; title: string; description: string; posts: Post[]; },) { return ( <div className="d-flex flex-column h-100"> <Header path={props.path} /> <main className="flex-grow-1"> <div className="d-flex flex-column pt-3"> {props.posts ? => { return ( <a href={post.path} className="text-white pb-3"> <div className="d-flex"> <div className="fw-light text-white-50 me-3" style={{ minWidth: 85, maxWidth: 85 }} > {} </div> <div className="d-flex flex-column"> <h3 className="fw-bold">{post.title}</h3> <div className="fw-light text-white-50"> {post.description} </div> </div> </div> </a> ); }) : ""} </div> </main> <Footer version={props.version} path="" /> </div> );}