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The Telegram Bot Framework.
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method Context.prototype.answerInlineQuery
import { Context } from "";

Context-aware alias for api.answerInlineQuery. Use this method to send answers to an inline query. On success, True is returned. No more than 50 results per query are allowed.

Example: An inline bot that sends YouTube videos can ask the user to connect the bot to their YouTube account to adapt search results accordingly. To do this, it displays a 'Connect your YouTube account' button above the results, or even before showing any. The user presses the button, switches to a private chat with the bot and, in doing so, passes a start parameter that instructs the bot to return an OAuth link. Once done, the bot can offer a switch_inline button so that the user can easily return to the chat where they wanted to use the bot's inline capabilities.


results: readonly InlineQueryResult[]

An array of results for the inline query

other: Other<"answerInlineQuery", "inline_query_id" | "results">

Optional remaining parameters, confer the official reference below

signal: AbortSignal

Optional AbortSignal to cancel the request

Official reference: