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The Telegram Bot Framework.
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method Context.prototype.replyWithInvoice
import { Context } from "";

Context-aware alias for api.sendInvoice. Use this method to send invoices. On success, the sent Message is returned.


title: string

Product name, 1-32 characters

description: string

Product description, 1-255 characters

payload: string

Bot-defined invoice payload, 1-128 bytes. This will not be displayed to the user, use for your internal processes.

provider_token: string

Payment provider token, obtained via @BotFather

currency: string

Three-letter ISO 4217 currency code, see more on currencies

prices: readonly LabeledPrice[]

Price breakdown, a list of components (e.g. product price, tax, discount, delivery cost, delivery tax, bonus, etc.)

other: Other<"sendInvoice",
| "chat_id"
| "title"
| "description"
| "payload"
| "provider_token"
| "currency"
| "prices"

Optional remaining parameters, confer the official reference below

signal: AbortSignal

Optional AbortSignal to cancel the request

Official reference: