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Deno Binary Installer
#!/bin/sh# Copyright 2019 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.# TODO(everyone): Keep this script simple and easily auditable.
set -e
if ! command -v unzip >/dev/null && ! command -v 7z >/dev/null; then echo "Error: either unzip or 7z is required to install Deno (see: )." 1>&2 exit 1fi
if [ "$OS" = "Windows_NT" ]; then target="x86_64-pc-windows-msvc"else case $(uname -sm) in "Darwin x86_64") target="x86_64-apple-darwin" ;; "Darwin arm64") target="aarch64-apple-darwin" ;; "Linux aarch64") target="aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu" ;; *) target="x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu" ;; esacfi
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then deno_uri="${target}.zip"else deno_uri="${1}/deno-${target}.zip"fi
if [ ! -d "$bin_dir" ]; then mkdir -p "$bin_dir"fi
curl --fail --location --progress-bar --output "$" "$deno_uri"if command -v unzip >/dev/null; then unzip -d "$bin_dir" -o "$"else 7z x -o"$bin_dir" -y "$"fichmod +x "$exe"rm "$"
echo "Deno was installed successfully to $exe"if command -v deno >/dev/null; then echo "Run 'deno --help' to get started"else case $SHELL in /bin/zsh) shell_profile=".zshrc" ;; *) shell_profile=".bashrc" ;; esac echo "Manually add the directory to your \$HOME/$shell_profile (or similar)" echo " export DENO_INSTALL=\"$deno_install\"" echo " export PATH=\"\$DENO_INSTALL/bin:\$PATH\"" echo "Run '$exe --help' to get started"fiechoecho "Stuck? Join our Discord"