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LDkit - Linked Data query toolkit for TypeScript developers
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// This utility extracts namespace from an RDF or OWL file using pattern matching
if (Deno.args.length != 3) { throw new Error( "Namespace generator requires exactly three arguments, e.g. generate_namespace.ts dcterms ./dcterms.rdf", );}
const [short, namespace, inputFile] = Deno.args;
console.log("Reading file", inputFile);
const fileText = Deno.readTextFileSync(inputFile);
const escapedNamespace = namespace.replaceAll("/", "\\/").replaceAll( ".", "\\.",);const pattern = `(<|")(${escapedNamespace})([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)(>|")`;console.log(pattern);const extractRegex = new RegExp( pattern, "g",);
const terms = new Set<string>();
const matches = fileText.matchAll(extractRegex);
for (const m of matches) { terms.add(m[3]);}
console.log(`Found ${terms.size} items:`);
const sortedTerms = [...terms].sort();
for (const i of sortedTerms) { console.log(i);}
const outputFile = `${inputFile}.ts`;
const outputTerms = => ` "${i}",`).join("\n");
const output = `import { createNamespace } from "ldkit";
export default createNamespace( { iri: "${namespace}", prefix: "${short}:", terms: [${outputTerms} ], } as const,);`;
console.log("Writing namespace to file", outputFile);Deno.writeTextFileSync(outputFile, output);