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Lucid is a library, which allows you to create Cardano transactions and off-chain code for your Plutus contracts in JavaScript, Deno and Node.js.
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import { C } from "../core/mod.ts";
type CostModel = Record<string, number>;
export type CostModels = Record<PlutusVersion, CostModel>;
export type ProtocolParameters = { minFeeA: number; minFeeB: number; maxTxSize: number; maxValSize: number; keyDeposit: bigint; poolDeposit: bigint; priceMem: number; priceStep: number; maxTxExMem: bigint; maxTxExSteps: bigint; coinsPerUtxoByte: bigint; collateralPercentage: number; maxCollateralInputs: number; costModels: CostModels;};
export type Slot = number;
export interface Provider { getProtocolParameters(): Promise<ProtocolParameters>; /** Query UTxOs by address or payment credential. */ getUtxos(addressOrCredential: Address | Credential): Promise<UTxO[]>; /** Query UTxOs by address or payment credential filtered by a specific unit. */ getUtxosWithUnit( addressOrCredential: Address | Credential, unit: Unit, ): Promise<UTxO[]>; /** Query a UTxO by a unit. It needs to be an NFT (or optionally the entire supply in one UTxO). */ getUtxoByUnit(unit: Unit): Promise<UTxO>; /** Query UTxOs by the output reference (tx hash and index). */ getUtxosByOutRef(outRefs: Array<OutRef>): Promise<UTxO[]>; getDelegation(rewardAddress: RewardAddress): Promise<Delegation>; getDatum(datumHash: DatumHash): Promise<Datum>; awaitTx(txHash: TxHash, checkInterval?: number): Promise<boolean>; submitTx(tx: Transaction): Promise<TxHash>;}
export type Credential = { type: "Key" | "Script"; hash: KeyHash | ScriptHash;};
/** Concatenation of policy id and asset name in Hex. */export type Unit = string;export type Assets = Record<Unit | "lovelace", bigint>;export type ScriptType = "Native" | PlutusVersion;export type PlutusVersion = "PlutusV1" | "PlutusV2";
/** Hex */export type PolicyId = string;
export type Script = { type: ScriptType; script: string };
export type Validator = | MintingPolicy | SpendingValidator | CertificateValidator | WithdrawalValidator;
export type MintingPolicy = Script;export type SpendingValidator = Script;export type CertificateValidator = Script;export type WithdrawalValidator = Script;
/** Bech32 */export type Address = string;/** Bech32 */export type RewardAddress = string;/** Hex */export type PaymentKeyHash = string;/** Hex */export type StakeKeyHash = string;/** Hex */export type KeyHash = string | PaymentKeyHash | StakeKeyHash;/** Hex */export type VrfKeyHash = string;/** Hex */export type ScriptHash = string;/** Hex */export type TxHash = string;/** Bech32 */export type PoolId = string;/** Hex */export type Datum = string;/** * **hash** adds the datum hash to the output. * * **asHash** hashes the datum and adds the datum hash to the output and the datum to the witness set. * * **inline** adds the datum to the output. * * **scriptRef** will add any script to the output. * * You can either specify **hash**, **asHash** or **inline**, only one option is allowed. */export type OutputData = { hash?: DatumHash; asHash?: Datum; inline?: Datum; scriptRef?: Script;};/** Hex */export type DatumHash = string;/** Hex (Redeemer is only PlutusData, same as Datum) */export type Redeemer = string; // Plutus Data (same as Datum)export type Lovelace = bigint;export type Label = number;/** Hex */export type TransactionWitnesses = string;/** Hex */export type Transaction = string;/** Bech32 */export type PrivateKey = string;/** Bech32 */export type PublicKey = string;/** Hex */export type ScriptRef = string;/** Hex */export type Payload = string;
export type UTxO = { txHash: TxHash; outputIndex: number; assets: Assets; address: Address; datumHash?: DatumHash | null; datum?: Datum | null; scriptRef?: Script | null;};
export type OutRef = { txHash: TxHash; outputIndex: number };
export type AddressType = "Base" | "Enterprise" | "Pointer" | "Reward";
export type Network = "Mainnet" | "Preview" | "Preprod" | "Custom";
export type AddressDetails = { type: AddressType; networkId: number; address: { bech32: Address; hex: string }; paymentCredential?: Credential; stakeCredential?: Credential;};
export type Delegation = { poolId: PoolId | null; rewards: Lovelace;};
/** * A wallet that can be constructed from external data e.g utxos and an address. * It doesn't allow you to sign transactions/messages. This needs to be handled separately. */export interface ExternalWallet { address: Address; utxos?: UTxO[]; rewardAddress?: RewardAddress;}
export type SignedMessage = { signature: string; key: string };
export interface Wallet { address(): Promise<Address>; rewardAddress(): Promise<RewardAddress | null>; getUtxos(): Promise<UTxO[]>; getUtxosCore(): Promise<C.TransactionUnspentOutputs>; getDelegation(): Promise<Delegation>; signTx(tx: C.Transaction): Promise<C.TransactionWitnessSet>; signMessage( address: Address | RewardAddress, payload: Payload, ): Promise<SignedMessage>; submitTx(signedTx: Transaction): Promise<TxHash>;}
/** JSON object */// deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-anyexport type Json = any;
/** Time in milliseconds */export type UnixTime = number;
type NFTFile = { name?: string; mediaType: string; src: string | string[];};
export type NFTMetadataDetails = { name: string; image: string; mediaType?: string; description?: string | string[]; files?: NFTFile[]; [key: string]: unknown;};
export type PoolParams = { poolId: PoolId; vrfKeyHash: VrfKeyHash; pledge: Lovelace; cost: Lovelace; margin: number; rewardAddress: RewardAddress; owners: Array<RewardAddress>; relays: Array<Relay>; metadataUrl?: string;};
export type Relay = { type: "SingleHostIp" | "SingleHostDomainName" | "MultiHost"; ipV4?: string; ipV6?: string; port?: number; domainName?: string;};
export type NativeScript = { type: "sig" | "all" | "any" | "before" | "atLeast" | "after"; keyHash?: KeyHash; required?: number; slot?: Slot; scripts?: NativeScript[];};
export type SlotConfig = { zeroTime: UnixTime; zeroSlot: Slot; slotLength: number; // number of milliseconds.};