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A middleware framework for handling HTTP with Deno, Node, Bun and Cloudflare Workers 🐿️ 🦕
Extremely Popular
// Copyright 2018-2024 the oak authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
// This file contains the external dependencies that oak depends upon
// jsr dependencies
export { assert } from "jsr:@std/assert@0.218/assert";export { concat } from "jsr:@std/bytes@0.218/concat";export { copy as copyBytes } from "jsr:@std/bytes@0.218/copy";export { timingSafeEqual } from "jsr:@std/crypto@0.218/timing_safe_equal";export { KeyStack } from "jsr:@std/crypto@0.218/unstable_keystack";export { encodeBase64 } from "jsr:@std/encoding@0.218/base64";export { calculate, type ETagOptions, type FileInfo, ifMatch, ifNoneMatch,} from "jsr:@std/http@0.218/etag";export { accepts, acceptsEncodings, acceptsLanguages,} from "jsr:@std/http@0.218/negotiation";export { UserAgent } from "jsr:@std/http@0.218/user_agent";export { LimitedReader } from "jsr:@std/io@0.218/limited_reader";export { readAll } from "jsr:@std/io@0.218/read_all";export { contentType } from "jsr:@std/media-types@0.218/content_type";export { typeByExtension } from "jsr:@std/media-types@0.218/type_by_extension";export { basename, extname, isAbsolute, join, normalize, parse, SEPARATOR,} from "jsr:@std/path@0.218/";
// 3rd party dependencies
export { mergeHeaders, SecureCookieMap, type SecureCookieMapGetOptions, type SecureCookieMapSetDeleteOptions,} from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/cookie_map";export { createHttpError, errors, HttpError, type HttpErrorOptions, isHttpError,} from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/http_errors";export { matches } from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/media_types";export { type HttpMethod as HTTPMethods } from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/method";export { ServerSentEvent, type ServerSentEventInit, ServerSentEventStreamTarget, type ServerSentEventTarget, type ServerSentEventTargetOptions,} from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/server_sent_event";export { type ErrorStatus, isErrorStatus, isRedirectStatus, type RedirectStatus, Status, STATUS_TEXT,} from "jsr:@oak/commons@0.7/status";
export { compile, type Key, match as pathMatch, parse as pathParse, type ParseOptions, pathToRegexp, type TokensToRegexpOptions,} from "npm:path-to-regexp@6.2.1";