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A middleware framework for handling HTTP with Deno 🐿️ 🦕
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method Router.prototype.allowedMethods
import { Router } from "";

Middleware that handles requests for HTTP methods registered with the router. If none of the routes handle a method, then "not allowed" logic will be used. If a method is supported by some routes, but not the particular matched router, then "not implemented" will be returned.

The middleware will also automatically handle the OPTIONS method, responding with a 200 OK when the Allowed header sent to the allowed methods for a given route.

By default, a "not allowed" request will respond with a 405 Not Allowed and a "not implemented" will respond with a 501 Not Implemented. Setting the option .throw to true will cause the middleware to throw an HTTPError instead of setting the response status. The error can be overridden by providing a .notImplemented or .notAllowed method in the options, of which the value will be returned will be thrown instead of the HTTP error.


options: RouterAllowedMethodsOptions = [UNSUPPORTED]