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A middleware framework for handling HTTP with Deno, Node, Bun and Cloudflare Workers 🐿️ 🦕
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// Copyright 2018-2024 the oak authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import type { Application, State } from "./application.ts";
export interface Listener { addr: { hostname: string; port: number };}
export interface OakServer<T> extends AsyncIterable<T> { close(): void | Promise<void>; listen(): Listener | Promise<Listener>; [Symbol.asyncIterator](): AsyncIterableIterator<T>;}
export interface ServerRequest { readonly headers: Headers; readonly method: string; readonly rawUrl?: string; readonly remoteAddr: string | undefined; readonly request?: Request; readonly url: string; // deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-any error(reason?: any): void; getBody(): ReadableStream<Uint8Array> | null; respond(response: Response): void | Promise<void>; upgrade?(options?: UpgradeWebSocketOptions): WebSocket;}
/** The abstract constructor interface that custom servers need to adhere to * when using with an {@linkcode Application}. */export interface ServerConstructor<T extends ServerRequest> { // deno-lint-ignore no-explicit-any new <AS extends State = Record<string, any>>( app: Application<AS>, options: Omit<ServeOptions | ServeTlsOptions, "signal">, ): OakServer<T>; prototype: OakServer<T>; type?: "native" | "node" | "bun";}
export type Data = string | number[] | ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array;export type Key = string | number[] | ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array;
export interface UpgradeWebSocketOptions { protocol?: string;}
export type UpgradeWebSocketFn = ( request: Request, options?: UpgradeWebSocketOptions,) => WebSocketUpgrade;
interface WebSocketUpgrade { response: Response; socket: WebSocket;}
export interface NetAddr { transport: "tcp" | "udp"; hostname: string; port: number;}
export interface ServeHandlerInfo { remoteAddr: Deno.NetAddr;}
export type ServeHandler = ( request: Request, info: ServeHandlerInfo,) => Response | Promise<Response>;
export interface ServeOptions { port?: number; hostname?: string; signal?: AbortSignal; reusePort?: boolean; onError?: (error: unknown) => Response | Promise<Response>; onListen?: (params: { hostname: string; port: number }) => void;}
export interface ServeTlsOptions extends ServeOptions { cert: string; key: string;}
export interface ServeInit { handler: ServeHandler;}
export interface HttpServer extends AsyncDisposable { finished: Promise<void>; ref(): void; unref(): void; shutdown(): Promise<void>;}