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Deno build of the official Typescript library for the OpenAI API.
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interface ChatCompletion.Choice
import { type ChatCompletion } from "";
const { Choice } = ChatCompletion;


| "stop"
| "length"
| "tool_calls"
| "content_filter"
| "function_call"

The reason the model stopped generating tokens. This will be stop if the model hit a natural stop point or a provided stop sequence, length if the maximum number of tokens specified in the request was reached, content_filter if content was omitted due to a flag from our content filters, tool_calls if the model called a tool, or function_call (deprecated) if the model called a function.

index: number

The index of the choice in the list of choices.

message: ChatCompletionsAPI.ChatCompletionMessage

A chat completion message generated by the model.