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Super-agent driven library for testing Deno HTTP servers.
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method Server.prototype.serve
import { Server } from "";

Accept incoming connections on the given listener, and handle requests on these connections with the given handler.

HTTP/2 support is only enabled if the provided Deno.Listener returns TLS connections and was configured with "h2" in the ALPN protocols.

Throws a server closed error if called after the server has been closed.

Will always close the created listener.

import { Server } from "";

const handler = (request: Request) => {
  const body = `Your user-agent is:\n\n${request.headers.get(
  ) ?? "Unknown"}`;

  return new Response(body, { status: 200 });

const server = new Server({ handler });
const listener = Deno.listen({ port: 4505 });

console.log("server listening on http://localhost:4505");

await server.serve(listener);


listener: Deno.Listener

The listener to accept connections from.