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simple, easy-to-use, and declarative input validator; supports Node.js, TypeScript, Deno, and Bun
import { Key, Values } from "../libs/types.ts";import { RULE, ValueSchemaError } from "../libs/ValueSchemaError.ts";export interface Rules<T> { /** value if null (defaults: error) */ ifNull?: T | null;}/** * apply schema * @param values input/output values * @param rules rules * @param keyStack key stack for error handling * @returns escapes from applyTo chain or not */export function applyTo<T>(values: Values, rules: Rules<T>, keyStack: Key[]): values is Values<T> { if (values.output !== null) { return false; } if (rules.ifNull !== undefined) { values.output = rules.ifNull; return true; } return ValueSchemaError.raise(RULE.NULL, values, keyStack);}