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simple, easy-to-use, and declarative input validator; supports Node.js, TypeScript, Deno, and Bun
import { applySchemaObjectCore } from "./applySchemaObjectCore.ts";import { ErrorHandler, FinishHandler } from "./publicTypes.ts";import { ObjectTypeOf, SchemaObject } from "./types.ts";import { onErrorDefault, onFinishDefault } from "../schemaClasses/BaseSchema.ts";/** * apply schema object to data * @param schemaObject schema object * @param data data to apply * @param onError error handler * @param onFinishWithError finish handler * @returns applied data */export function applySchemaObject<S extends SchemaObject>(schemaObject: S, data: unknown, onError: ErrorHandler = onErrorDefault, onFinishWithError: FinishHandler = onFinishDefault): ObjectTypeOf<S> { return applySchemaObjectCore(schemaObject, data, onError, onFinishWithError, []);}