yargs the modern, pirate-themed successor to optimist.
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Contributing to Yargs

Me hearties, we would love to have you contribute to yargs!

If you are looking to update the website, check out yargs/yargs.github.io.


  1. Look through the existing issues and see if your idea is something new.
  2. Create a new issue, or comment on an existing issue that you would like to help solve:
    • it's usually best to get some feedback before proceeding to write code.
  3. fork the yargs repo, and clone it to your computer:
  4. make sure that you write unit-test for any code that you write for yargs:
    • we use the standard coding style, which will validate your style when you run tests.
    • look through our extensive test suite in /test to get an idea for how to write unit-tests for this codebase.
  5. make sure you are comfortable with the Code of Conduct outlined below.