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function scanUntilBoundary
import { scanUntilBoundary } from "";

Scans buf to identify how much of it can be safely returned as part of the PartReader body.


buf: Uint8Array
  • The buffer to search for boundaries.
dashBoundary: Uint8Array
  • Is "--boundary".
newLineDashBoundary: Uint8Array
  • Is "\r\n--boundary" or "\n--boundary", depending on what mode we are in. The comments below (and the name) assume "\n--boundary", but either is accepted.
total: number
  • The number of bytes read out so far. If total == 0, then a leading "--boundary" is recognized.
eof: boolean
  • Whether buf contains the final bytes in the stream before EOF. If eof is false, more bytes are expected to follow.


number | null

The number of data bytes from buf that can be returned as part of the PartReader body.