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Deno standard library
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import * as mod from "";


Return the last portion of a path. Trailing directory separators are ignored.

Return the directory name of a path.

Return the extension of the path.

Generate a path from FormatInputPathObject object.

Converts a file URL to a path string.

Verifies whether path is absolute

Join all given a sequence of paths,then normalizes the resulting path.

Normalizes a path

Return a ParsedPath object of the path.

It will solve the relative path from from to to, for instance: from = 'C:\orandea\test\aaa' to = 'C:\orandea\impl\bbb' The output of the function should be: '..\..\impl\bbb'

Resolves path segments into a path

Converts a path string to a file URL.

Resolves path to a namespace path