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class TextProtoReader
import { TextProtoReader } from "";


TextProtoReader(r: BufReader)


readLine(): Promise<string | null>

readLine() reads a single line from the TextProtoReader, eliding the final \n or \r\n from the returned string.

readLineSlice(): Promise<Uint8Array | null>
readMIMEHeader(): Promise<Headers | null>

ReadMIMEHeader reads a MIME-style header from r. The header is a sequence of possibly continued Key: Value lines ending in a blank line. The returned map m maps CanonicalMIMEHeaderKey(key) to a sequence of values in the same order encountered in the input.

For example, consider this input:

My-Key: Value 1
Long-Key: Even
       Longer Value
My-Key: Value 2

Given that input, ReadMIMEHeader returns the map:

	"My-Key": {"Value 1", "Value 2"},
	"Long-Key": {"Even Longer Value"},
skipSpace(l: Uint8Array): number