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Deno standard library
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// Ported from js-yaml v3.13.1:// Copyright 2011-2015 by Vitaly Puzrin. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright 2018-2022 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { CbFunction, load, loadAll } from "./loader/loader.ts";import type { LoaderStateOptions } from "./loader/loader_state.ts";
export type ParseOptions = LoaderStateOptions;
/** * Parses `content` as single YAML document. * * Returns a JavaScript object or throws `YAMLException` on error. * By default, does not support regexps, functions and undefined. This method is safe for untrusted data. */export function parse(content: string, options?: ParseOptions): unknown { return load(content, options);}
/** * Same as `parse()`, but understands multi-document sources. * Applies iterator to each document if specified, or returns array of documents. */export function parseAll( content: string, iterator: CbFunction, options?: ParseOptions,): void;export function parseAll(content: string, options?: ParseOptions): unknown;export function parseAll( content: string, iterator?: CbFunction | ParseOptions, options?: ParseOptions,): unknown { return loadAll(content, iterator, options);}