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Deno standard library
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[strings]str0 = "deno"str1 = """Roses are not Deno Violets are not Deno either"""# On a Unix system, the above multi-line string will most likely be the same as:str2 = "Roses are not Deno\nViolets are not Deno either"
# On a Windows system, it will most likely be equivalent to:str3 = "Roses are not Deno\r\nViolets are not Deno either"str4 = "this is a \"quote\""
str5 = """The quick brown \

fox jumps over \ the lazy dog."""
str6 = """\ The quick brown \ fox jumps over \ the lazy dog.\ """str7 = "Roses are red\tViolets are blue"str8 = "Roses are red\fViolets are blue"str9 = "Roses are red\bViolets are blue"str10 = "Roses are red\\Violets are blue"str11 = """dobule "quote"single 'quote'"""str12 = """Here are two quotation marks: "". Simple enough."""str13 = """Here are three quotation marks: ""\"."""str14 = """Here are fifteen quotation marks: ""\"""\"""\"""\"""\"."""str15 = """"This," she said, "is just a pointless statement.""""
literal1 = '''The first newline istrimmed in raw strings. All other whitespace is preserved.'''
literal2 = '"\n#=*{'literal3 = '''\n\t is 'literal'\'''literal4 = '''Here are fifteen quotation marks: """""""""""""""'''literal5 = "Here are fifteen apostrophes: '''''''''''''''"
withApostrophe = "What if it's not?"withSemicolon = "const message = 'hello world';"withHexNumberLiteral = "Prevent bug from stripping string here ->0xabcdef"withUnicodeChar1 = "\u3042"withUnicodeChar2 = "Deno\U01F995"