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// Copyright 2018-2022 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright Joyent, Inc. and other Node contributors.//// Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a// copy of this software and associated documentation files (the// "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including// without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,// distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit// persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the// following conditions://// The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included// in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.//// THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS// OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF// MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN// NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM,// DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR// OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE// USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
// This module ports:// - https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/src/connection_wrap.cc// - https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/src/connection_wrap.h
import { LibuvStreamWrap } from "./stream_wrap.ts";import { AsyncWrap, providerType } from "./async_wrap.ts";
export class ConnectionWrap extends LibuvStreamWrap { /** Optional connection callback. */ onconnection: ((status: number, handle?: ConnectionWrap) => void) | null = null;
/** * Creates a new ConnectionWrap class instance. * @param provider Provider type. * @param object Optional stream object. */ constructor( provider: providerType, object?: Deno.Reader & Deno.Writer & Deno.Closer, ) { super(provider, object); }
/** * @param req A connect request. * @param status An error status code. */ afterConnect< T extends AsyncWrap & { oncomplete( status: number, handle: ConnectionWrap, req: T, readable: boolean, writeable: boolean, ): void; }, >( req: T, status: number, ): void { const isSuccessStatus = !status; const readable = isSuccessStatus; const writable = isSuccessStatus;
try { req.oncomplete(status, this, req, readable, writable); } catch { // swallow callback errors. }
return; }}