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function contentType
import { contentType } from "";

Given an extension or media type, return a full Content-Type or Content-Disposition header value.

The function will treat the extensionOrType as a media type when it contains a /, otherwise it will process it as an extension, with or without the leading ..

Returns undefined if unable to resolve the media type.


import { contentType } from "";

contentType(".json"); // `application/json; charset=UTF-8`
contentType("text/html"); // `text/html; charset=UTF-8`
contentType("text/html; charset=UTF-8"); // `text/html; charset=UTF-8`
contentType("txt"); // `text/plain; charset=UTF-8`
contentType("foo"); // undefined
contentType("file.json"); // undefined

Type Parameters

T extends (string & { }) | KnownExtensionOrType


extensionOrType: T


Lowercase<T> extends KnownExtensionOrType ? string : string | undefined