Deno standard library
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interface StdSubtleCrypto
implements SubtleCrypto
import { type StdSubtleCrypto } from "";

Extensions to the web standard SubtleCrypto interface.


digest(algorithm: DigestAlgorithm, data: BufferSource | AsyncIterable<BufferSource> | Iterable<BufferSource>): Promise<ArrayBuffer>

Returns a new Promise object that will digest data using the specified AlgorithmIdentifier.

digestSync(algorithm: DigestAlgorithm, data: BufferSource | Iterable<BufferSource>): ArrayBuffer

Returns a ArrayBuffer with the result of digesting data using the specified AlgorithmIdentifier.

timingSafeEqual(a: ArrayBufferLike | DataView, b: ArrayBufferLike | DataView): boolean

Compare to array buffers or data views in a way that timing based attacks cannot gain information about the platform.