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Deno standard library
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import * as mod from "";


Copies from src to dst until either EOF (null) is read from src or an error occurs. It resolves to the number of bytes copied or rejects with the first error encountered while copying.

Turns a Reader, r, into an async iterator.

Turns a ReaderSync, r, into an iterator.

Create a ReadableStream from any kind of iterable.

Create a ReadableStream<Uint8Array> from from a Deno.Reader.

Read Reader r until EOF (null) and resolve to the content as Uint8Array`.

Synchronously reads Reader r until EOF (null) and returns the content as Uint8Array.

Create a Deno.Reader from an iterable of Uint8Arrays.

Create a Reader from a ReadableStreamDefaultReader.

Convert the generator function into a TransformStream.

Create a WritableStream from a Writer.

Write all the content of the array buffer (arr) to the writer (w).

Synchronously write all the content of the array buffer (arr) to the writer (w).

Create a Writer from a WritableStreamDefaultWriter.