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Deno standard library
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{ "compilerOptions": { "strict": true, "useUnknownInCatchVariables": true, "noImplicitOverride": true }, "fmt": { "files": { "exclude": [ ".git", "_wasm_crypto/target", "_wasm_varint/target", "cov", "encoding/testdata/jsonc", "hash/_wasm/target", "node/_tools/versions", "node/_tools/test", "node/integrationtest/yarn.js", "wasi/testdata" ] } }, "importMap": "./test_import_map.json", "lint": { "files": { "exclude": [ ".git", "_wasm_crypto/target", "_wasm_varint/target", "encoding/testdata/jsonc", "cov", "hash/_wasm/target", "node/vendor", "node/_module/node_modules/", "node/_tools/versions", "node/_tools/test", "node/integrationtest/yarn.js", "wasi/testdata" ] } }, "tasks": { "test": "deno test --doc --unstable --allow-all --coverage=./cov --ignore=node/", "test:browser": "git grep --name-only \"This module is browser compatible.\" | grep -v deno.json | grep -v .github/workflows | xargs deno cache --check --reload --config browser-compat.tsconfig.json", "lint:circular-deps": "deno run --allow-read ./_tools/check_circular_deps.ts", "lint:licence-headers": "deno run --allow-read ./_tools/check_licence.ts", "lint:deprecations": "deno run --allow-read --allow-net ./_tools/check_deprecation.ts", "lint": "deno lint && deno task lint:circular-deps && deno task lint:licence-headers && deno task lint:deprecations", "node:unit": "deno test --unstable --allow-all node/ --ignore=node/_tools/test.ts,node/_tools/versions/", "node:test": "deno test --unstable --allow-all node/_tools/test.ts", "node:setup": "deno run --allow-read --allow-net --allow-write node/_tools/setup.ts", "node:check-unstable-api": "deno check --unstable ./node/module_all.ts", "build:crypto": "deno task --cwd crypto/_wasm_crypto wasmbuild", "build:hash": "deno task --cwd hash/_wasm wasmbuild", "build:varint": "deno task --cwd encoding/varint/_wasm_varint wasmbuild", "wasmbuild": "deno run --unstable -A --js-ext mjs --sync" }}