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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright Joyent, Inc. and Node.js contributors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { notImplemented } from "../../_utils.ts";import { Buffer } from "../../buffer.ts";import { BinaryLike } from "./types.ts";
export class Certificate { static Certificate = Certificate; static exportChallenge(_spkac: BinaryLike, _encoding?: string): Buffer { notImplemented("crypto.Certificate.exportChallenge"); }
static exportPublicKey(_spkac: BinaryLike, _encoding?: string): Buffer { notImplemented("crypto.Certificate.exportPublicKey"); }
static verifySpkac(_spkac: BinaryLike, _encoding?: string): boolean { notImplemented("crypto.Certificate.verifySpkac"); }}
export default Certificate;