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Deno standard library
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import * as mod from "";

Utilities for working with OS-specific file paths.

Codes in the examples uses POSIX path but it automatically use Windows path on Windows. Use methods under posix or win32 object instead to handle non platform specific path like:

import { posix, win32 } from "";
const p1 = posix.fromFileUrl("file:///home/foo");
const p2 = win32.fromFileUrl("file:///home/foo");
console.log(p1); // "/home/foo"
console.log(p2); // "\\home\\foo"

This module is browser compatible.


Determines the common path from a set of paths, using an optional separator, which defaults to the OS default separator.

Convert a glob string to a regular expression.

Test whether the given string is a glob

Like join(), but doesn't collapse "**/.." when globstar is true.

Like normalize(), but doesn't collapse "**/.." when globstar is true.


A parsed path object generated by path.parse() or consumed by path.format().