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Deno standard library
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// Ported and adapted from js-yaml-js-types v1.0.0:// Copyright 2011-2015 by Vitaly Puzrin. All rights reserved. MIT license.// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.
import { Type } from "../type.ts";import type { Any } from "../_utils.ts";
// Note: original implementation used Esprima to handle functions// To avoid dependencies, we'll just try to check if we can construct a function from given stringfunction reconstructFunction(code: string) { const func = new Function(`return ${code}`)(); if (!(func instanceof Function)) { throw new TypeError(`Expected function but got ${typeof func}: ${code}`); } return func;}
export const func = new Type(",2002:js/function", { kind: "scalar", resolve(data: Any) { if (data === null) { return false; } try { reconstructFunction(`${data}`); return true; } catch (_err) { return false; } }, construct(data: string) { return reconstructFunction(data); }, predicate(object: unknown) { return object instanceof Function; }, represent(object: (...args: Any[]) => Any) { return object.toString(); },});