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Deno standard library
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function increment
import { increment } from "";

Returns the new version resulting from an increment by release type.

premajor, preminor and prepatch will bump the version up to the next version, based on the type, and will also add prerelease metadata.

If called from a non-prerelease version, the prerelease will work the same as prepatch. The patch version is incremented and then is made into a prerelease. If the input version is already a prerelease it will simply increment the prerelease metadata.

If a prerelease identifier is specified without a number then a number will be added. For example pre will result in pre.0. If the existing version already has a prerelease with a number and its the same prerelease identifier then the number will be incremented. If the identifier differs from the new identifier then the new identifier is applied and the number is reset to 0.

If the input version has build metadata it will be preserved on the resulting version unless a new build parameter is specified. Specifying "" will unset existing build metadata.


version: SemVer

The version to increment

release: ReleaseType

The type of increment to perform

prerelease: string

The pre-release metadata of the new version

build: string

The build metadata of the new version