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class ServerSentEventStreamTarget
import { ServerSentEventStreamTarget } from "";

An implementation of ServerSentEventTarget that provides a readable stream as a body of a response to establish a connection to a client.


ServerSentEventStreamTarget(unnamed 0?: ServerSentEventTargetOptions)


closed: boolean


Returns a Response which contains the body and headers needed to initiate a SSE connection with the client.

Returns a tuple which contains the BodyInit and ResponseInit needed to create a response that will establish a SSE connection with the client.

close(): Promise<void>
dispatchComment(comment: string): boolean
dispatchMessage(data: any): boolean
[Symbol.for("Deno.customInspect")](inspect: (value: unknown) => string)
depth: number,
options: any,
inspect: (value: unknown, options?: unknown) => string,