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Deno standard library
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interface ReadOptions
import { type ReadOptions } from "";


separator: string = ","

Character which separates values.

comment: string = "#"

Character to start a comment.

Lines beginning with the comment character without preceding whitespace are ignored. With leading whitespace the comment character becomes part of the field, even you provide trimLeadingSpace: true.

trimLeadingSpace: boolean = false

Flag to trim the leading space of the value.

This is done even if the field delimiter, separator, is white space.

lazyQuotes: boolean = false

Allow unquoted quote in a quoted field or non-double-quoted quotes in quoted field.

fieldsPerRecord: number

Enabling checking number of expected fields for each row.

If positive, each record is required to have the given number of fields. If === 0, it will be set to the number of fields in the first row, so that future rows must have the same field count. If negative, no check is made and records may have a variable number of fields.

If the wrong number of fields is in a row, a ParseError is thrown.