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The Standard Library has been moved to JSR. See the blog post for details.

Deno Standard Library

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High-quality APIs for Deno and the web. Use fearlessly.

Get Started

import { copy } from "";

await copy("./foo", "./bar");

See here for recommended usage patterns.


Check out the documentation here.

  1. Include the version of the library in the import specifier.


    import { copy } from "";
  2. Only import modules that you require.

    Bad (when using only one function):

    import * as fs from "";

    Good (when using only one function):

    import { copy } from "";

    Good (when using multiple functions):

    import * as fs from "";
  3. Do not import symbols with an underscore in the name.


    import { _format } from "";
  4. Do not import modules with an underscore in the path.


    import { filterInPlace } from "";
  5. Do not import test modules or test data.


    import { test } from "";


Sub-module Status
archive Unstable
assert Stable
async Stable
bytes Stable
collections Stable
console Unstable
csv Stable
datetime Unstable
dotenv Unstable
encoding Unstable
flags Unstable
fmt Stable
front_matter Unstable
fs Stable
html Unstable
http Unstable
io Deprecated
json Stable
jsonc Stable
log Unstable
media_types Stable
msgpack Unstable
path Unstable
permissions Deprecated
regexp Unstable
semver Unstable
signal Deprecated
streams Unstable
testing Stable
toml Stable
ulid Unstable
url Unstable
uuid Stable
wasi Deprecated
yaml Stable

For background and discussions regarding the stability of the following sub-modules, see #3489.


Check out the contributing guidelines here.


The Standard Library is versioned independently of the Deno CLI. This will change once the Standard Library is stabilized. See here for the compatibility of different versions of the Deno Standard Library and the Deno CLI.