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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.import { AssertionError, assertIsError, assertThrows } from "./mod.ts";
Deno.test("Assert Is Error Non-Error Fail", () => { assertThrows( () => assertIsError("Panic!", undefined, "Panic!"), AssertionError, `Expected "error" to be an Error object.`, );
assertThrows( () => assertIsError(null), AssertionError, `Expected "error" to be an Error object.`, );
assertThrows( () => assertIsError(undefined), AssertionError, `Expected "error" to be an Error object.`, );});
Deno.test("Assert Is Error Parent Error", () => { assertIsError(new AssertionError("Fail!"), Error, "Fail!");});
Deno.test("Assert Is Error with custom Error", () => { class CustomError extends Error {} class AnotherCustomError extends Error {} assertIsError(new CustomError("failed"), CustomError, "fail"); assertThrows( () => assertIsError(new AnotherCustomError("failed"), CustomError, "fail"), AssertionError, 'Expected error to be instance of "CustomError", but was "AnotherCustomError".', );});
Deno.test("assertIsError throws with message diff, where messages contain double quotes", () => { class CustomError extends Error {} assertThrows( () => assertIsError( new CustomError('error with "double quotes"'), CustomError, 'doesn\'t include "this message"', ), AssertionError, `Expected error message to include "doesn't include \\"this message\\"", but got "error with \\"double quotes\\"".`, );});