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Deno standard library
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// Copyright 2018-2023 the Deno authors. All rights reserved. MIT license.export { DigestContext, instantiate as instantiateWasm,} from "./lib/deno_std_wasm_crypto.generated.mjs";
/** * All cryptographic hash/digest algorithms supported by std/crypto/_wasm. * * For algorithms that are supported by WebCrypto, the name here must match the * one used by WebCrypto. Otherwise we should prefer the formatting used in the * official specification. All names are uppercase to facilitate case-insensitive * comparisons required by the WebCrypto spec. */export const digestAlgorithms = [ "BLAKE2B-128", "BLAKE2B-160", "BLAKE2B-224", "BLAKE2B-256", "BLAKE2B-384", "BLAKE2B", "BLAKE2S", "BLAKE3", "KECCAK-224", "KECCAK-256", "KECCAK-384", "KECCAK-512", "SHA-384", "SHA3-224", "SHA3-256", "SHA3-384", "SHA3-512", "SHAKE128", "SHAKE256", "TIGER", // insecure (length-extendable): "RIPEMD-160", "SHA-224", "SHA-256", "SHA-512", // insecure (collidable and length-extendable): "MD4", "MD5", "SHA-1",] as const;
/** An algorithm name supported by std/crypto/_wasm. */export type DigestAlgorithm = typeof digestAlgorithms[number];