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(will be removed in 0.209.0) Use ServerSentEventStream from instead.

Provides ServerSentEvent and ServerSentEventStreamTarget which provides an interface to send server sent events to a browser using the DOM event model.

The ServerSentEventStreamTarget provides the .asResponse() or .asResponseInit() to provide a body and headers to the client to establish the event connection. This is accomplished by keeping a connection open to the client by not closing the body, which allows events to be sent down the connection and processed by the client browser.

See more about Server-sent events on MDN


import {
} from "";

Deno.serve({ port: 8000 }, (request) => {
const target = new ServerSentEventStreamTarget();
let counter = 0;

// Sends an event every 2 seconds, incrementing the ID
const id = setInterval(() => {
const evt = new ServerSentEvent(
{ data: { hello: "world" }, id: counter++ },
}, 2000);

target.addEventListener("close", () => clearInterval(id));
return target.asResponse();
import * as mod from "";