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name: version_bump
permissions: contents: write
on: workflow_dispatch: inputs: releaseKind: description: 'Kind of version bump' default: 'minor' type: choice options: - patch - minor - major required: true
jobs: build: name: version bump runs-on: ubuntu-22.04 timeout-minutes: 15
steps: - name: Clone repository uses: actions/checkout@v4 with: submodules: true
- name: Set up Deno uses: denoland/setup-deno@v1
- name: Run version bump run: | git remote add upstream ./_tools/release/01_bump_version.ts --${{github.event.inputs.releaseKind}}
- name: Create PR env: GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.DENOBOT_PAT }} GH_WORKFLOW_ACTOR: ${{ }} run: | git config "${{ }}" git config "${{ }}" ./_tools/release/02_create_pr.ts